He was the second son of Jewish parents. They were the children of immigrants from Eastern Europe, so called Ashkenazic Jews. When he was young, they left New York City for the suburbs of Westchester County and settled into a Jewish community of upper middle class liberal reformed Jews, mostly professionals. His father served in World War II and now was a dentist. Mother was a legal secretary. Grandmother (Nanny) lived with them at home and helped care for the children.

The defining values and priorities of this community were Jewish identity, higher education, and affluence. These three ideals would serve to protect “God’s chosen people” from the threat of antisemitism and assimilation into the surrounding Gentile Christian culture.

As a youth he excelled in his academic studies and was a gifted pianist. He attended and graduated college at Johns Hopkins and went on to attend medical school and then residency in internal medicine.

It was during his third year at Baltimore City Hospital when he met his future wife. She was the lifeguard at the pool located at the house staff apartments where the medical residents lived. This beautiful lady in her bikini immediately attracted the attention of the young resident.

There was just one major problem. She was a Christian who was constantly reading her Bible. At this point in his life, he was an atheist, an intellectual, cultural Jew who had little use for “God” let alone Jesus, the false Messiah of the Christians.

Despite these misgivings he could not resist striking up a conversation with the attractive life guard. Despite his arrogance and narcissistic tendencies, he could not help but admire her confidence, self-assuredness and intelligence. She had a convincing argument for all of his attempts to critique her religious beliefs.

Despite their different backgrounds a deep connection developed between them. He could not understand it but he knew there was something different about her, some unique quality that she possessed. Eventually she would challenge him to do two things he had never done before. One was to read the Bible, and the second was to pray to a God whom he thought did not exist.

He eagerly took up the challenge with the hope of proving her wrong and then deepening their relationship. To his surprise, as he began praying and reading the Bible, he became aware of some kind of presence. “Could God be real?”

After completing the Jewish Bible (Old Testament) he began reading the Christian Bible. To his surprise this “Christian” Jesus seemed very Jewish. In fact, he was extraordinary. His character and conduct were beyond reproach. His teachings achieved a level of righteousness that exceeded anything he had ever experienced. Jesus seemed to possess and be filled with the qualities of divinity to a degree which no man had ever achieved. Jesus possessed a holiness which made the young physician acutely aware of all his past mistakes and shortcomings. He was filled with an irresistible urge and desire to invite the life essence or spirit of this person Jesus into his innermost being.

At that instant he collapsed to the floor of his apartment. What now followed was hard for him to rationally explain. He felt himself rise out of his body and he was observing himself on the floor. Music filled the room. He saw a vision of winged creatures ascending and descending. The closest thing it resembled to him was an old fashion carousel ride spinning around with horses moving vertically up and down.

Then he awoke. All was quiet. He was alone. “Was it a dream? Was it a hallucination?” Then he heard a voice say, “It is done.”

That day was the start of a new life with many adventures to follow, but that is another story.

2 thoughts on “Testimony

  1. Amen Marc Amen. Without faith it is impossible to please Him,but God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Hebrews 11:6.


  2. I know your “testimony” by heart, but never, ever tire of hearing it! How grateful I am to Elizabeth for being a shining light for Messiah and to God for rescuing and transforming you. The two of you have changed my life profoundly and been the channel for God’s greatest blessings to come to me.


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