Genesis for Modern man

Genesis for Modern Man

In the beginning, about 14 billion years ago, God created our expanding universe of space and time. Now the universe was filled with protons and neutrons and electrons and the universe was without form and chaotic and random and God called the chaos freedom and God saw that the freedom was good. And God established the laws of the universe which included electromagnetic and nuclear forces and gravity and God saw that the laws of the universe were good.

 Now the freedom of chaos and randomness and the forces of the universal law interacted and began the process of evolution. And God saw that evolution was good.

The electrons and the protons were attracted to each other and formed hydrogen, and gravity attracted the hydrogen and neutrons into great clouds of gas which grew in mass and density resulting in hydrogen nuclear fusion and heat and light. And God called this creation the sun. And God saw that the sun was good.

 Within the sun the process of nuclear fusion continued and created the chemical elements which form all matter. And within the sun a great explosion occurred which expelled the matter into space time and the matter orbited the sun and became the earth. And God saw that the earth was good.

As the earth cooled, land and water formed and land mixed with water and chemical reactions occurred which created self-replicating organic molecules which evolved into single cell organisms which evolved into plants and animals of great variety and diversity. And this process of evolution continued forming organisms of increasing complexity and intelligence which finally evolved into a being capable of rational thought and self-awareness and love. And God called this creation man and woman. And God saw that it was good.

And God saw that the man and the woman possessed His very image and God loved the man and the woman. And God determined and foresaw that there would come a time when a perfect and righteous and holy descendent of the man and the woman would arrive and allow God to fully enter into His creation and become one with the man and the woman.

 And God saw that it was good.

4 thoughts on “Genesis for Modern man

  1. Who spoke the universe into existence, thousands of years ago? The God Who called His work good. Chaos does not come from our Creator, but from man, who, though God created man in His image was not himself God, wanted to be just like God. Yet, God, in His goodness, even before banishing Adam and Eve from the Garden, promised the Savior to come. The answers are in Genesis.


  2. If you would care to read material that takes a Biblical viewpoint of this subject, I suggest you go online and read some of the articles written by Ken Ham (CEO of Answers in Genesis) or some of his associates. They have had an impact on my husband and me, and have convinced us of the literal meaning of the words in Genesis.


  3. What a relevant, brilliant, and necessary reimagining of this ancient story for us in our current space in time. You inspire me to not give up on Christianity. Love it


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