Marc Hirsh MD is an oncologist who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Here he will explore medical, theological, and philosophical issues associated with his journey. Check out


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Genesis for Modern man

Genesis for Modern Man In the beginning, about 14 billion years ago, God created our expanding universe of space and time. Now the universe was filled with protons and neutrons and electrons and the universe was without form and chaotic and random and God called the chaos freedom and God saw that the freedom wasContinue reading “Genesis for Modern man”

ode to death

This tumor in my chest Reminder of my death Lives near heart and lungs And pumping blood and respiration  Now reduced by chemo-radiation It’s just a mild sensation But in time with inflation Will cut off circulation And end oxygenation Resulting in the transformation Mystical reverse incarnation Defying explanation Fulfilling ancient revelation Without death there’sContinue reading “ode to death”

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