Marc Hirsh MD is an oncologist who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Here he will explore medical, theological, and philosophical issues associated with his journey. Check out


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the central dogma

There is a central dogma of molecular biology. It is composed of three entities. You could call it the Holy Trinity of biological life. #1. is Replication: DNA can replicate itself. It can make copies of itself or duplicate. This is the basis of reproduction of cells. #2. is Transcription: DNA can be transformed intoContinue reading “the central dogma”


As most of you know I was diagnosed with cancer in May of this year. I had a large tumor in my chest. After surgery, hormonal shots, chemotherapy and radiation the tumor has decreased in size from 12 centimeters to 6 centimeters. I was recently at Penn State Hershey Medical Center for follow-up. My oncologist,Continue reading “update”

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