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Marc Hirsh MD is an oncologist who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Here he will explore medical, theological, and philosophical issues associated with his journey. Check out

Latest from the Blog

An Early Birthday Present

As I ascended Bald Mountain alone in my chair lift, I thought back to almost two years ago. It was then in May of 2020 I was suddenly struck down by cancer. My world changed virtually and literally overnight from being a cancer specialist to a very sick cancer patient. Disabling weakness, fever, sweats, dyspnea…

The Womb and the Tomb

Back in 1951, prior to my birth, I was immersed in the utter darkness of the womb. Dense liquid engulfed me and I spent my time peacefully floating and swimming. My lifeline was a cord that attached me to my mother. Then everything changed. There was a leak. The liquid was draining away. Contractions squeezed…

Skiing In My Mind

                                               On January seventh I was finally able to go skiing. Perhaps it was global warming which had delayed my winter sport activity. The fact that I could not actually physically ski in December did not prevent me from thinking about skiing. In fact, I read a book about skiing and I imagined skiing. I…

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