Marc Hirsh MD is an oncologist who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Here he will explore medical, theological, and philosophical issues associated with his journey. Check out


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stranger than fiction

As the alien craft hovered over the earth’s surface there was not much to be seen. The former cities had been reduced to mostly burnt ash. They wondered what had happened to this past civilization which now had no signs of life. After sifting through the rubble of a dead world they recovered only aContinue reading “stranger than fiction”

update/spiritual depression

This update goes out with love to my family, friends, colleagues, and former patients. Thanks for continuing to lift me up in your thoughts and prayers. It is now about 4 months since my cancer diagnosis. As I look back on my journey thus far, I have divided up my experience into 3 phases. TheContinue reading “update/spiritual depression”

thought experiment

If having cancer and going through treatment would make one a better physician, would a doctor deliberately choose to get cancer and go through treatment to become a better physician? I don’t think I would but if I knew a doctor like that, I would call him a Great Physician. What if God could becomeContinue reading “thought experiment”

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