Skiing In My Mind

                                               On January seventh I was finally able to go skiing. Perhaps it was global warming which had delayed my winter sport activity. The fact that I could not actually physically ski in December did not prevent me from thinking about skiing. In fact, I read a book about skiing and I imagined skiing. IContinue reading “Skiing In My Mind”

ode to death

This tumor in my chest Reminder of my death Lives near heart and lungs And pumping blood and respiration  Now reduced by chemo-radiation It’s just a mild sensation But in time with inflation Will cut off circulation And end oxygenation Resulting in the transformation Mystical reverse incarnation Defying explanation Fulfilling ancient revelation Without death there’sContinue reading “ode to death”

A Christmas Story

Christmas celebrations today occur with great fanfare, lights, songs, worship, presents and decorations but the original invasion into humanity went largely unnoticed. There was an unusual star but few people appreciated its significance. Shepherds heard the angelic choir and investigated but few people took notice of their reports about the child. Three new age astrologistsContinue reading “A Christmas Story”

cancer, covid and the immune system

At first glance viral infections and cancer seem to have little in common. However, they both could be thought of as being genetic diseases. What is a virus but a small piece of genetic material (DNA or RNA) wrapped up in a protein envelope. Once this “letter” is sent and received by the cell, theContinue reading “cancer, covid and the immune system”

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