Update/Remembrance It’s now about 3 weeks since the completion of my chemotherapy and radiation. My strength is returning, nausea is gone, no chest pain or swallowing discomfort, less short of breath and I am increasing my activity. I stopped my oxycodone about a week ago after being on the narcotic for about 5 months. WithdrawalContinue reading “update/remembrance”

death reimagined

No one really knows what happens when we die, unless we live to tell about it. After a long bout with cancer, after a few remissions and relapses and multiple courses of treatment, I finally just petered out and breathed my last. Maybe it was the cancer, maybe old age, maybe the accumulated insults toContinue reading “death reimagined”

my boy Jake

To those of us who are dog lovers and in my age group, around 70, you have probably already experienced several cycles of love and loss. As painful as the losses are, time passes and the hurt and emptiness is slowly filled by the memory and spirit and life of your beloved dog. And so,Continue reading “my boy Jake”

the last breakfast

On September 22, 7am, I awoke to the sounds of my cell phone alarm. As I lay in bed, propped up with pillows and cushions I assessed my status. I was still alive. I could inhale and exhale.  I had my usual morning chest pain and nausea. It was 8 hours since my last doseContinue reading “the last breakfast”

the atheist

It was about 3PM when he checked into the hotel and conference center.The room was rather plain, nothing fancy, bed, dresser, closet, desk, TV, fridge. He was tired from the flight but filled with excitement. Tomorrow he would present his ground breaking research and he eagerly anticipated the praises and accolades he would receive fromContinue reading “the atheist”

bridging the gap

I retreated to my private office to review the medical records of my next patient who was waiting for me in the examining room. After studying the details of his medical record, I entered the room. He was seated with his wife at his side. They were holding hands. Their facial expressions of sadness andContinue reading “bridging the gap”

stranger than fiction

As the alien craft hovered over the earth’s surface there was not much to be seen. The former cities had been reduced to mostly burnt ash. They wondered what had happened to this past civilization which now had no signs of life. After sifting through the rubble of a dead world they recovered only aContinue reading “stranger than fiction”

thought experiment

If having cancer and going through treatment would make one a better physician, would a doctor deliberately choose to get cancer and go through treatment to become a better physician? I don’t think I would but if I knew a doctor like that, I would call him a Great Physician. What if God could becomeContinue reading “thought experiment”

food meditation

I’m the type of guy who likes to “woof” down his food. Chewing is optional. I just lower my head over my plate and don’t come up for air until I’m finished. When it comes to drinking, I like the chugging technique. My eating style results in a lot of air swallowing so I usuallyContinue reading “food meditation”


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