ode to death

This tumor in my chest

Reminder of my death

Lives near heart and lungs

And pumping blood and respiration 

Now reduced by chemo-radiation

It’s just a mild sensation

But in time with inflation

Will cut off circulation

And end oxygenation

Resulting in the transformation

Mystical reverse incarnation

Defying explanation

Fulfilling ancient revelation

Without death there’s no heroics

No sacrificial acts of lovingkindness

No necessity or obligation

For human acts of re-creation

To live is Christ to die is gain

So for now in this domain

By choice or fate, I will remain

And write at least one more refrain

7 thoughts on “ode to death

  1. Such powerful words from a gentleman so full of visions of his future! I was overwhelmed after reading your post. Puts perspective in all our lives. God bless you and praying for your continued healing 🙏🏻💗.


  2. Dr. Hirsh, I just read your Ode to Death, and it occurs to me that it must be more difficult to have a disease, when you are the one who is seen as an expert in that particular area. Clinically, you might be following the particular progression of this tumor…..but my husband spent four years with Stage 4 lung cancer and most of the things that the doctors/experts told us about what might happen next…..did NOT. Also of all the things I read about his condition, many did not happen as predicted. Instead, we had a wonderful four years, with God’s mercy and protection from many of the horrors that one might expect. You will likely experience His grace and mercy, along the way, and will be very aware that it is indeed HIS hand…..and you will continue to be the inspiration that you already are to your friends and patients. He is still on His throne and surely has many blessings yet to bestow on you and your family. None of us know our future, but keep on one step at a time.

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  3. Marc i knew you were a great prose writer but now you  have been touched by the poetry muse or perhaps the calling of the troubadour Mr DylanThanks for the wisdomMargie


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