A Christmas Story

Christmas celebrations today occur with great fanfare, lights, songs, worship, presents and decorations but the original invasion into humanity went largely unnoticed. There was an unusual star but few people appreciated its significance. Shepherds heard the angelic choir and investigated but few people took notice of their reports about the child. Three new age astrologists from the east paid a visit, gave tribute and snuck off never to be heard from again. An old man and woman at the temple seemed to have some insight about the child but no one took them seriously.

 Herod was one of the few people who understood just how dangerous this child was. This “innocent” babe had the potential to destroy the prevailing culture and institutions of the Roman Empire and even radically change civilization as we know it.  If the child survived and was allowed to teach, one could only imagine the havoc brought on by citizens who would give up their private property and wealth and live on communes. Not to mention the security threat brought on by widespread forgiveness, pacifism, non-retaliation, turning the other cheek and loving the enemy. Who would fight the wars when people gave up their swords? Who would crucify the criminals? Who would maintain stability? Who could blame Herod when he killed all those babies in his desperate but futile attempt to control the “virus”?

Thirty years later the Man-God came out of hiding. When he resurfaced no one seemed to remember his miraculous birth. Not even his brothers or neighbors knew who he really was. Despite this, like a virus he spread. At first just twelve, but soon he infected thousands. His crucifixion was just another futile attempt to control the threat but even death could not stop him. In fact, his death just released an airborne spirit that infected thousands more. The localized disease became a global pandemic which spread throughout the Roman Empire. It appeared unstoppable for the next three hundred years despite radical efforts to stamp it out. If not for the efforts of the Emperor Constantine all would have been lost.  Constantine realized that the virulent strain of this virus was unstoppable. The only solution was to develop an attenuated form of the virus and inoculate each citizen. The weakened form of the virus would confer some immunity from the most radical and dangerous manifestations of the disease. His plan was quite clever. He would make Christianity the state religion and stop the persecutions. This would weaken its message and provide protection for the population. It would water down the radical teachings to make them harmless. Thus, was established the Holy Roman Empire which has influenced western society to this very day. Christian armies, Christian wars, Christian supremacy, Christian wealth, Christian oppression, and colonization were some of the results of the Constantine vaccination. And so, for the next 1700 years to the present time the “disease” remains mostly indolent. However, we must be vigilant. There is still the fear and possibility that the virus may once again mutate and revert back to its original virulent form.

3 thoughts on “A Christmas Story

  1. May we all catch this “virus”! Merry Christmas to you and your family, Dr. Hirsh. God bless us and help us to be bold in sharing the gospel in this coming year.


  2. Might be my favorite entry yet! I love the way you hit on the truth here with contemporary relevance & just a little bit of snark! I’m glad you are writing; you always challenge me to stretch my mind:)


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