a day in the life/chapter 4 (final chapter)

As darkness fell, Sarah and Levi completed the set up of their camp site in the back yard. We made a fire to provide heat and light and to ward off any predators. We then roasted marshmallows to celebrate the sweetness of life and our family time together.

I was growing tired after a long day especially because of my status as a cancer patient recovering from recent treatments. I considered retiring to the bedroom but my grandson Levi was bored and wanted someone to play with. I volunteered and summoned up my strength. I suggested that we play soccer as that is a Covid friendly sport that can be played with social distancing. We have a large basketball court on our property which is equipped with a powerful light for night play. We turned it on and after a few minutes the darkness was transformed to a 360-degree horizon of light surrounded by dense darkness.

As we passed the soccer ball to each other a connection was established. I connected to the future generation and Levi connected to his past, and back and forth it went.   

In the Jewish faith there is a great emphasis on the significance of family. The blessings of Abraham were fully realized only in the future generations. His descendants became the nation of Israel and gave the world God’s instructions through the Torah, Prophets and Writings. The New Covenant scriptures were also written almost exclusively by Jewish authors who were also descendants of Abraham. Of course, Jesus whom Christians worship, was a Jew, a descendent of Abraham and is thought by many to be the Jewish Messiah or Christ.

 As I was contemplating these concepts Levi kicked the ball off its desired course. It left the horizon of light and disappeared into the darkness. Levi is afraid of the dark and he did not want to retrieve the soccer ball by himself. Together we extrapolated the likely location of the ball by estimating its trajectory and speed. We stepped into the darkness and like Abraham, walked by faith. We located the ball, returned to the light, and resumed the game.

And so it is, with life and death and cancer and family. Often, we find, we must walk by faith.

6 thoughts on “a day in the life/chapter 4 (final chapter)

  1. Yes, we must all walk by faith. Knowing that God is and will be with me, even to the end of my earthly life in this temporal body, gives me courage to face each new day. May God richly bless you, Dr. Hirsh, and may you always feel His presence.


  2. I am sad to read this is your last chapter of your blogging. I have always known that you are a brilliant doctor, good friend, devoted family man. I did not realize your gift of writing. I have been touched by each chapter of your journey. God gave you the gift of writing, so I pray you will continue. Maybe a book? God Bless my friend.


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