death reimagined

No one really knows what happens when we die, unless we live to tell about it.

After a long bout with cancer, after a few remissions and relapses and multiple courses of treatment, I finally just petered out and breathed my last. Maybe it was the cancer, maybe old age, maybe the accumulated insults to my body, I’m not sure. Biologically my telomeres shortened, apoptosis (programmed cell death) set in and the energy drained from my body. I can remember being released, rising above, and looking down at my lifeless corpse. So, this is what an out of body experience is like. I was trying to figure out what I was now. I realized that I still had a mind but without a brain. Now that’s quite a trick. Thanks God. My spirit- essence, consciousness was intact and to my surprise, I realized that I actually now had a new and quite substantial body.

Not the fragile, particulate, composite, porous, ghostly body of my former self, but now a solid, indestructible body, composed of the eternal and elemental entities of love, peace, beauty and joy.

There was no longer a duality of mind and body. Now there is unity and oneness.  This body is my mind and this mind is my body.

I continued to watch as my earthly shell began the process of dissolution. I could see cells breaking down. I could actually see highly complex mathematical relationships of molecules, atoms, electrons, and subatomic particles fall apart and collapse like a house of cards.

The earth is a bubble from which my mind-body is now liberated. I’m no longer dependent on breathing oxygen or eating organic matter. I can leave the bubble. Extremes of heat or cold are of no consequence to me. I can visit the stars and not get burnt up. I can play in the vast fields which were mistakenly thought to be just vacuum and change those fields into particles and the particles back into fields. I can change matter into energy and energy into matter. I can swim in the vast oceans of what we used to call black holes and not get torn apart by the colossal forces of those great tides.

Time has no hold on me. My time is done. I have no deadlines.  Death is swallowed up in victory.

Although it is very spacious and beautiful in the new realm, it is rather crowded with other mind-bodies. Some of them I had known in my former life and some I am meeting for the first time. Each union, reunion, and communion are so special and joyful. I take them one at a time, eternally.  

Best of all, I get to be with the One, the I Am, Our Savior, Abba Father. He goes by so many names. I knew Him in my former life. He gave me His Spirit but now I am like Him in mind, body and spirit. I wish I could tell you more but I have to go. Jesus is calling.  

4 thoughts on “death reimagined

  1. The ultimate peace. I had the chance to have a long talk with Eban Alexander, author of Proof of Heaven and although I have some difficulty with some of his conclusions, his description echoed your words. It’s very comforting to have faith.


  2. I liked your “thought experiment” (as you always say). I love how you allow yourself to confront the concept or experience of death head on and with confidence and questioning, curiosity and wonder.


  3. Marc–thank you for this blog and letting us join in your journey. Prayers continue. Judy and Betsy Esposito (my dear friend and neighbor and cohort in many escapades!. We are delighted to know you have enjoyed your grandfarter status! xo J& B


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